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Prijon Touryak | Single Kayak
Length:4.70 m | Width:63 cm | Volume:440 lit. | Cockpit:92 cm | Storage space: Front:50 lit., back 125 lit.
Prijon Excursion | Double Kayak
Length:5.18 m Width:72 cm Volume:525 lit. Cockpit:92 cm Storage space:Front:65 lit Back:130 lit
Ferrino Geo 3 | 3-person Tent
Ferrino is one of the few companies that can boast of having been, for over 130 years, a reference point for trekkers, explorers & climbers . Ferrino tents, backpacks and sleeping bags are the perfect synthesis of technical research and expert craftsmanship. This Italian brand - always true to itself - has developed, in the course of the years, brilliant, highly technical and stylish solutions, with a particular eye for ease of use.
TRANGIA Ultralight Aluminum Kitchen
Ferrino Nadir 300 Square | Sleeping Bag

Prijon Kayaks

Our Prijon HTP touring kayaks are designed for performance. Being lightweight, requiring minimal maintenance and offering the highest durability of any kayaks made, Prijon HTP kayaks are in a class of their own.

These great features are enhanced with excellent engineered outfitting. Paddlers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and therefore Prijon’s outfitting is customizable for ultimate comfort.

The Trihedral hull design completes the performance package Prijon HTP touring kayaks provide. These unique features determine why savvy touring paddlers choose Prijon HTP kayaks.

To make your adventure safe, enjoyable and comfortable we are using only the best sea kayak gear and camping equipment. Our kayaks are top of the line touring kayaks made for longer trips and they are quite stable and ideal for both beginner and advanced paddlers. We have single and double kayaks from PRIJON. The life jacket, paddle, sponge, dry bag and spray skirt are included in our kayaking trips.

To ensure you have a good nights rest we provide roomy 3 person tents (2 people per tent), and sleeping foam pads.

You may consider to take the thermarest if you have one.

Sleeping bag is not included in some trips but can be rented from us for low cost. If bringing your own tent or sleeping bag please make shore that it will fit in the kayak. If not, you can load it in the dry bag on the top of the kayak. Please advise us in advance if you will take our sleeping bag.

While renting our gear please use it properly. Any damages will be charged. No smoking or cooking inside the tent. Cooking is allowed only in the storage area, before entry. If sleeping outside please use some pad for our sleeping bag. If using our pad please note that there is no any sharp objects on the ground.


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