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As some of you may know my good friend, an American named James Bender, has for the past several years worked with kids from foster homes in Croatia, teaching sailing and leadership using traditional sailing boats. This year, after our Kornati expedition I will volunteer with his organization to take these kids kayaking through the islands.

Studio Apartment 2+1, First Floor

Amenities: Free parking, Wifi, Kitchen, Air-condition, Bathroom with toilet , Hair dryer, Towels, TV, sofa (extendable bed for third person)

Essentials: Towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper

Apartment 2+1, Top Floor

Apartment 4+2, Ground Floor

Apartment 4+1, Top Floor





Arriving to the Island of Rab

Please note that we have organized airport pick ups on some trips

The Island of Rab is located in the Gulf of Kvarner. There is a ferry boat going almost every half hour between the mainland (small port Stinica) and the island (small port Mišnjak).

If coming from Rijeka you can come with a Bus or with a fast boat line (catamaran)  that leaves Rijeka harbour in the afternoon 

If you're arriving from Zagreb (capital) than you can take a Bus to Rab. It will take you 3-3,5 hours to get here, and there are usually one or two lines daily.

You could also rent a car or make a deal with us if we can pick you up (max. 8 people). The last option is that we organize you a taxi ride if you're with bigger group (try to avoid that due to high taxi prices).

If you're arriving from Dalmatian part (eg. Split or Zadar) than we suggest you to take a Bus. Please note that there is no direct bus to Rab from Dalmatia so when buying a ticket ask them which bus is heading to Rijeka, then exit the bus near the Stinica port. You'll have to walk to Ferry port or hitchhike. It is cca 3km from the main road down to the port. 

The other way is to come from Novalja on the Island of Pag (From Zadar to Novalja with a bus) then board the fast boat (catamaran). This line is going only once a day and in early morning (6:45 am), then makes and stop on the Island of Rab and then proceeeds to city of Rijeka. We can pick you up at the port when you come to Rab. 

One more solution is a local company that offers direct transfer from Zadar, Zagreb or Rijeka (Krk) Airport.

If you need any furher info do not hesitate to contact us.

Travelling by Train

Almost all international trains to Croatia go to Zagreb, one is going to Rijeka. Bellow is daily train connection info to Croatia from neighboring countries:

Croatia Railways


There are international airports in Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik and Rijeka (on the island of Krk).

Boats, Speedboats and Ferries

Ferry is a pleasant way of traveling along coast of Croatia. There are international and coastal ferry lines with arrivals and departures from various Croatian costal towns and islands. Jadrolinija is the main Croatian passenger ferry company, with the highest number of regular international and domestic lines.

Some Italian ferry lines serve ferry lines Ancona - Split, ferry Ancona - Zadar and ferry Bari - Dubrovnik.

The Croatian coastal towns and cities are served by many ferry and ship services. The inhabited islands are linked with the mainland (and some of them also with other islands) by ferry/ship/ boat services.

During the summer the frequency of ferry sailings is usually increased and fast hydrofoil or catamaran services are added. The summer sailing schedule normally remains in operation from 28 May to 30 September.

Travel by Road

According to recent statements of European traffic experts, Croatian highways are amongst the most modern and safest in Europe. This is also due to the fact that the largest part of the Croatian motorway system has recently been constructed.

In Croatia the rule is to drive at the right side of the road.

Croatian Automobile Club

This is National Autoclub of Republic of Croatia (HAK). The club offers 24 hour technical assistance, and info of traffic conditions.

In case you need road assistance please dial 987 (if you use the mobile phone you should dial prefix 01 if you are in Croatia or +385 1 from phone registered abroad) HAK Info center telephone os (01) 4640 800.

Travel by Bus

Buses represent the most-accepted, cheapest and widely-used means of public transport. National bus traffic is very well developed and it is very easy to reach even the remotest parts of Croatia by bus. Almost all buses on national routes are air-conditioned and offer pleasant traveling comfort. In practice, bus fares are collected on the bus while traveling, which is sometimes even cheaper than when paying at the ticket office (there is an additional fee for stored luggage) and sometimes a "ticket office fee".

From Croatia, there are many international bus routes to the neighbouring countries (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia etc.), as well as to Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland and to other European countries. International buses correspond to European standards. Zagreb has the largest and most modern bus terminal in the country, with specially-designed waiting areas above the bus parking area. The Zagreb bus terminal is not far away from the main train station (Glavni kolodvor) and it is easy to reach by direct city tram lines.

The best place for bus information is at the bus station. Check out the following bus station websites:

Zagreb Bus Station

Split Bus Station

Rijeka Bus Station

Dubrovnik Bus Station

Rent a car

Car rental companies in Croatia.

Renting a car in Croatia is possible at all Croatian Airports as well as in variety on places around Croatia.

This is a good option to get round Croatia, specially if your flights arrives later in the day, and you are not able to catch any bus or ferry to reach your destination.

It is also useful, instead of depending of taxis or public transport, to have a car if you intend to explore various places around Croatia and want to do it in short time.

All the major car rental companies are represented in Croatia and they do pick-up and drop off at major places in Croatia and on all of its airports..

Passport and Visa

Make sure that you have a signed and valid passport for atleast 6 months after the date of your return.Your passport maybe checked at hotels as all tourists are registered.

For most visitors visas are not required for stays in Croatia of less than 90 days. Not required for citizens of USA, Canada, or EU to enter Croatia.

Find your embassy in Croatia. 

Travel Insurance

It is necessary to take out a personal insurance policy to cover yourself against sickness, accident, loss of baggage, or trip cancellation.

We will provide you only with the basic insurance.

Should I purchase travel or any other type of insurance?

As life is unpredictable it is worth to have it. Due to a lot of time spent to prepare the tour and possible loss of others to join us because of your cancellation it is good to have Travel Insurance. We provide just a basic insurance for small injuries but we never had any injuries so far. We advise you to have medical insurance as well.

What kind of accommodation do you provide on your trips?

Most of our trips are camping in the tent on the beach but we also have two trips with room accommodation type of tour.Some trips have already included tent and sleeping bag within the price while on some trips you can either rent it from us or bring your own.Please do not bring family tent or something too big.It also have to be self standing tent- Iglu Type,not tunnel tent.

How much should I TIP my guide?

There is no standard tip in Croatia, however, if you feel that our guides gave their best to have good time and great trip a tip is a great way to demonstrate your appreciation.

Who are your Guides?

The Guide is the one who will make the biggest difference on your trip as we employ only local guides from the Islands who we skill, train and certify. The most important thing is that they are carefully chosen to lead our trips. This means that besides being local they need to have knowledge about the local history, weather conditions and think outside the box and have a sense for humor. Despite the seasonal work in this “industry” our guides are with us for the long-term until they finally find their own way of self-employ which we support. There is no better way to Experience Adriatic coastline than through the eyes of a local .There are many companies (mostly illegal) from abroad using guides that can’t tell you a lot and paddling with them you can’t learn much about Croatia except some basic facts and data from on-line sources. We do not judge their skills as there are many great Sea Kayak guides all around the world but when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

I have special diet requierment (gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc..), is that a problem?

No,if you really have celiac desease we are happy to provide Gluten-free food.The only food you'll have to bring are sweets and other deserts. Vegetarians are welcomed on any other trip beside Gourmet-Trips but please note that we can arrange Vegeterian Gourmet Trip as well to Private Groups Only. Unfortunately we are not able to serve Vegan meals on some expedition trips so please before you make any bookings talk with our office about it.

Is sea kayaking trip refundable due to bad weather?

We reserve the right to delay, postpone, substitute or cancel a trip as a matter of safety for our guests and guides. We will make the final call whether to cancel for safety reasons on site at the time the event is scheduled to begin. If we must cancel for any reason, we are happy to reschedule where possible or we give you a full refund less any booking fees.In case of cancellation during the tour we charge used days except any included transfer.

Can I join you mid-tour or leave early?

Yes, but not quite in the middle of the tour as that can impact the entire group so we do not advise this. If you are late a day or two,depend on the trip type and length that’s fine.If you want to leave a day earlier that’s fine as well but this is mostly for Rab Island Trips. We are also happy to help you organize it but please consult with us before making any reservation.

Do you offer a discount to repeat guests?

Yes, you are eligible for a 5% discount on all future trips in a maximum use of 15 % of discount per trip.

Do you have minimum age limits for your tours?

We love sea kayaking with kids and families! However, to ensure safety as the top of our trip priority, some of our trips have a minimum age requirement. The most Perfect Family Trips are Sea Kayaking around the Island of Rab and Kornati National Park. We are publishing Family departure dates as soon as we get the minimum number of 4 guests and then usually we end up with two or three Families on a trip. This is really great as the children are making new friendships around the world and later we get great feedbacks from them saying that they are still in contact or have been visiting them. However, the published itinerary is more likely to be changed due to group skills or preferences and the weather conditions. Safety is our priority. We are there for children and we do not like to push any limits and get children in dangerous situations as that will impact on their future kayaking or any outdoor trips. On our Kornati trip the great thing is that we are using a base camp from where we paddle out for day trips so in case the older children or some parents are tired they can stay in the campsite while we’re out for paddle.

What is your maximum group size?

Our standard minimum to have secured departure is 4 guests. The Group Maximum is different for each trip and the info is placed under information table of each published tour on our web. Generally it is from 7-12 people but we can also organize trips for bigger groups with up to 30 people or more but only for Private Groups or Kayak Clubs.

How do I know what each trip is like?

You can find a full itinerary and a map for each tour that is on our website. However, if you still have questions, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I arrange a custom departure?

Yes! Actually a lot of our trips we start to book with two people only and then we publish their departure date with a hope to find more guests and we usually do.
We also have our Face Book Group where you can search a paddling partner or a group to join you for specific date.
We do not charge any extra fee for custom departure for groups with a minimum 4 people.
We can always provide a custom quote for two people as well as sometimes we have couples want to do the trip privately or they want to spend their Honeymoon guided by our company.

What if I’m a single traveler?

Great, we are happy to have you join us. Our clients come from all around the world and our groups are diverse.
On most of our trips You Don’t Need to Pay the Single supplement Fee!
On very few trips where we use private room accommodation you’ll have to pay the single supplement fee due to reason that all of accommodation types are based on double occupancy.
However, you can also save money sharing the room with another single traveler, if any on the tour.

Who goes on a Sea Kayak Adventures Trip?

People from all ages are joining our tours. We had people in their 80’s and the oldest lady was 87 while the oldest man was 80.
Usually we get a mix of couples, families and singles that are generally between 25 and 60.
Family Trips are not mixed with other adult groups and we do separate Family departures with children as young as 8.
A lot of our clients have extensive paddling experience while some have never been kayaking or camping but once they try it they keep coming back for more.
We are happy to let you know who has signed up for the requested tour so you can choose if group suits your preference.


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